​​​​​A Fuel-Air Injection (FAI) Engine is:

  1. A clean two-stroke engine with fuel and air injections.
  2. A hybrid power internal combustion engine with an air motor built in the cylinder.
  3. A pulsating rocket engine with piston and crankshaft as the output.
  4. A combustion machine with combustion and gas expansion precisely controlled by digital fuel and air injections.

​​Fuel-Air Injection (FAI) Engine

Innovation Frameworks

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We believe in environmental preservation via efficiency optimization.


​​​​​​​An Electronic Carnot Engine (ECE) is:

  1. ​ An external combustion thermal engine with no moving parts.
  2. ECE thermal cycles of free-electrons in metal or semiconductor​, it converts thermal energy directly into electricity in high efficiency.
  3. ​A silent range extender for electric vehicle (EV).
  4. A concentrated solar thermal or nuclear generator in high efficiency. 
  5. ​An ideal power source for  IoT/M2M, wearable technologies or wide area network (WAN).

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